Being Different


Different. What does that mean anyway? Sure, I’m short and most of the world is tall. When the sun kisses my cheeks, they leave freckle marks, and many others are blessed with complexion perfection. I am left-handed, which my oldest seems to always identify now-a-days as different. I like to create and imagine, and sifting … Read more

A Garden of Love


I may have been a girl raised in the city, but my heart begs for the slow pace, fresh air, and vast land only the country can bring. I like to be able to see the stars at night and feel like you can literally call your neighbor up if you don’t have enough milk … Read more

The Couple


When I was a kid, I was among the healthy bunch. Yes, I’d get a few colds here or there, and I did enjoy my fair share of pink bubblegum antibiotics, but all-in-all, I kept a clean bill of health. While that should be something worth celebrating, call me crazy, but I did always have … Read more

The Present


I know that doctors recommend against it. That there are probably white papers proving long-term effects from it. I know it shouldn’t be considered a babysitter. But when you have three kids, the television doesn’t only become a nice must-have, it becomes a necessary tool for survival. All of those things your momma told you … Read more

Monday, Monday


Let’s face it. No one is a fan of Mondays, and anyone who says they are should not be trusted! No matter how much you love your day job or how excited you are for whatever may be looming during the week, no one in their right mind wakes up on Monday wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. … Read more

Love Her Heart


There’s a saying here in the South, and like many, it definitely has hidden meaning. For those who aren’t from here, some of our expressions may leave you puzzled. Like if we get really mad, we may just inform you that we’ll knock you into the middle of next week looking both ways for Sunday! … Read more

Be the Bow


The days are sometimes hard. Like really hard. The chaotic mix of stress stemming from work, home responsibilities, and schlepping three young kiddos is enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity. I’ve been there many times. To that brink. I know what it looks likes and how it feels all too well. But … Read more

We’re More Alike


A broken arm and a family vacation aren’t friendly acquaintances. There’s no questioning if they jive together like peanut butter and jelly or icing on cupcakes. Instead of the cherry on top of a milkshake, a broken arm is like the condensation on the cup or the sticky drips that are unavoidable. Both are annoying … Read more