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Become empowered with perspective in all aspects of your life — both personally and professionally.

Throughout her life, she’s been in the business of empowering people. She’s empowered her teams to collective success. She’s empowered individuals, groups and organizations to embrace perspective as a tool for deeper satisfaction and personal and professional accomplishments. And she’s empowered authors, small business owners and entrepreneurs with communications and marketing strategies to help them reach their goals.

Stephanie Feger has always believed that we hold the power to our own success, and she’s determined to help others uncover that power. However, it was a dream — literally — that left her with the charge to reframe how she saw her own life and encourage others to do the same. Many people wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, however one day Stephanie woke up with a completely different outlook on her life altogether and it was that dream that became the catalyst for her begin anew. That dream pushed her to redefine her own success, re-evaluate her personal goals and turn her “what-ifs” into “why-nots.”

Stephanie Feger

Stephanie’s first book, Color Today Pretty: An Inspirational Guide to Living a Life in Perspective, shares her secrets to harnessing true perspective, the ones she has used to discover the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary one. Her second book, Color Today Pretty Guided Journal, brings the lessons to life and off the page by providing readers the opportunity for personal reflection. Her newest book, Emergence: Living Lessons from the Soil, provides a treasure trove of inspiration and guidance for those seeking to find beauty in the mess, power in the mundane and meaning in the drought. Through her speaking engagements, engaging workshops and customized learning opportunities, she invites others to embrace perspective even when it may seem most challenging, unearth the growth that happens when we embrace challenge, and become the change we seek in the world instead of going out looking for it.

After working in the communications and marketing industry for more than 15 years, Stephanie felt called to merge her unique expertise with her life’s passions. She wanted to empower people in many ways, including empower those who sought to empower others. In addition to being an author and speaker, Stephanie also is the founder and chief strategist at the emPower PR Group where she provides customized coaching and consulting to authors, small business owners and entrepreneurs, ensuring those who need to hear their empowering message can and do! And, her book, Make Your Author emPact: Sell More Books, Increase Your Reach & Achieve Your Why, offers marketing insights for authors, entrepreneurs, small businesses and thought leaders that are built from tried-and-true methodology. 

Today, Stephanie is an inspiring author, sought-after speaker and empowering consultant. She is a great choice for individuals who are looking to find a deeper purpose and empower their group, their teams and their organizations to achieve new levels of success. And, her marketing insights leave individuals and team emPowered to achieve their greatest potential.

“Most of us move too quickly through life to notice just how special each moment, each memory and each person can be to our own existence. Stephanie calls us all to stop and realize that, with our own brush strokes and perspectives in our own lives, we can color today pretty.”

Dawne Gee, News Anchor, Raycom Media
“I’ve known Stephanie Feger for many years and have always supported her both personally and professionally. I admire how she speaks from her heart and soul and now we get to read about her experiences that are filled with conviction and honesty. I’m looking forward to taking Stephanie up on her challenge to us all … are YOU?”

Tammy McNeill, Broadcast Producer
“Working with Stephanie Feger always leaves me energized because her perspective on life is contagious. She constantly shows me that even amidst challenges life deals us, there is still good in this world.”

Nate Butler, Executive Vice President of Operations, Orbital Media Networks Inc, Denver, Colorado
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