Seeds of Possibility

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There is truly nothing better to me than a crisp spring breeze, the subtle smell of fresh air and sunlight intermingling, and the annoying yet satisfying feeling of having God’s rich earth covering the cervices of your hands, deep into your fingerprints and farther down your nails than you knew possible. When life gets chaotic, … Read more

Being Different


Different. What does that mean anyway? Sure, I’m short and most of the world is tall. When the sun kisses my cheeks, they leave freckle marks, and many others are blessed with complexion perfection. I am left-handed, which my oldest seems to always identify now-a-days as different. I like to create and imagine, and sifting … Read more

Do Your Best


If I could schedule a coffee (or chai tea in my case) with my younger self, I’d have a lot to tell her. Like how those over-sized sweatshirts never did any favors for her figure or the belief that being tan is better than being pale was a really a marketing ploy. I’d be sure … Read more

You Get To Choose


The ice skating rink was my happy place for years. When most tweens would go to the movies or to the mall on weekend nights, I could be found on the ice. Nothing could compare with a healthy dose of gossip, soft pretzels, and Olympic-style spin attempts. My life was complete. I loved the ice. … Read more