My Life. Period.


One night he started singing it. My husband quickly got my attention before he noticed we were really listening and decided to protest any further exercising of his vocal cords. But he didn’t; in fact, when I started belting out the lyrics with him he got more excited, surprised that I, too, knew a rendition … Read more

Be the Bow


The days are sometimes hard. Like really hard. The chaotic mix of stress stemming from work, home responsibilities, and schlepping three young kiddos is enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity. I’ve been there many times. To that brink. I know what it looks likes and how it feels all too well. But … Read more

I love you too, Momma


I used to sit there, while admiring her long eye lashes and perfectly curved lips, wonder what sweet sound would come out of them and what energy she would bring into this world. What experiences would we share together? Yes, when she was a baby and would sit still in one spot, I would already … Read more