A 40-Hike Pilgrimage

40 Hikes

Years ago, in the thick of pregnancy insomnia, the Lord whispered in my ear the same message He did about six months prior to my 40th birthday. Stephanie, we need to talk. A decade or so prior, my response to His nudge was early morning journaling. Since my mind moves faster than pens in my … Read more

A Case for a New Pace

Broken & Beautiful Retreats

“Hurry is the death of prayer and only impedes and spoils our work. It never advances it.” — John Mark Comer, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry I was delighted when a friend asked me to join a book club. (Thanks Lorna!) Me, an author, being asked to be in a book club not come to … Read more

Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Color Today Pretty Blog Photos (1)

My friend had a new pep to her step that day. She brought her family over for a playdate; something that has become so rare in pandemic times. Her eyes lit up like an inner light was turned on from within. It was exciting to see, but it was even more exciting to see why. … Read more

Seeds of Possibility

Color Today Pretty Blog Photos

There is truly nothing better to me than a crisp spring breeze, the subtle smell of fresh air and sunlight intermingling, and the annoying yet satisfying feeling of having God’s rich earth covering the cervices of your hands, deep into your fingerprints and farther down your nails than you knew possible. When life gets chaotic, … Read more

Your Three Presents

Three Presents

I’m giving it one more day before it all gets taken down and gently repackaged into the decade-old boxes that are still holding together by just a few fragments of cardboard. Each ornament will get tucked away until the season emerges again next year. The opened presents will find their way into their forever spots … Read more