The Couple


When I was a kid, I was among the healthy bunch. Yes, I’d get a few colds here or there, and I did enjoy my fair share of pink bubblegum antibiotics, but all-in-all, I kept a clean bill of health. While that should be something worth celebrating, call me crazy, but I did always have … Read more

Your Story Matters


To some this may come as a surprise, but to those who know me best, they know this as truth. I may be an outgoing and up-for-anything kind of person for most of the day, but when it’s time to recharge, I can become a recluse like the best of them. The people-dodging, phone-averting, house-hiding … Read more

Be the Bow


The days are sometimes hard. Like really hard. The chaotic mix of stress stemming from work, home responsibilities, and schlepping three young kiddos is enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity. I’ve been there many times. To that brink. I know what it looks likes and how it feels all too well. But … Read more

The Wait


I hadn’t felt like myself for months. A nasty stomach bug threw me to the curb. It had chewed my up and spit me out, except that the chewing just seemed endless. I kept thinking I would wake up one morning and have bounced back, but after eight weeks I started to forget what normal … Read more

Making Memories


I like to travel. Well, I did, before having kids. Now-a-days, my travel consists of trips to and from school and the weekly grocery run. But there was a time when crossing large bodies of water and infusing myself in different cultures in new continents was something I got to experience in person, not just … Read more