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Invite Stephanie into Your Life and Organization

She’s empowering, inspiring, relevant and game-changing.

A dream can always change things — and for Stephanie, a dream changed everything. A dream has the power to personally shape your goals and organizationally connect, align and empower your team. A dream has power, but only if you position the dream for action.

A literal dream pushed Stephanie to dive into a passion that she felt called to from within. It was this passion that helped her distill the steps needed to harness success — personally and professionally — and she shares her life-changing insights and tangible approaches to finding success through her in-person or virtual keynote experiences, engaging workshops and speaking engagements, and coaching and consulting support that are customized to meet the needs of you or your group.


Stephanie delivers inspirational ideas that leave attendees with actionable ways to adjust how they see the world — and how they see themselves — so that they are poised for a deeper level of fulfillment and new opportunities for success. Whether you are looking for the perfect speaker for a corporate engagement, a team meeting, a business retreat or a church gathering, everyone who hears Stephanie’s message will leave guided with a new outlook and armed with perspective on their side.

While Stephanie’s speaking engagements are customized to meet the needs of her attendees, here are a few of her most popular topics.


At an early age, Stephanie learned the power of creative therapy. When you are creating — whatever it may be — you have the opportunity to tune out your daily worries and focus, instead, on the moment. In doing so, you are gifted with the time for deeper reflection. Stephanie seeks to incorporate creative avenues in her speaking engagements, developing deep-dive workshops specific for each audience she works with. These workshops take the content off of the page, beyond the stage and into the life of all attendees, giving them each space to reflect, engage and create meaningfully.

Workshops offerings vary and are customized accordingly. Reach out to Stephanie for insights on previous workshops and ideas to meet the needs of your organization, team or group.

Coaching & Consulting

Your business, your book, your brand has the power to make a difference. The question isn’t if you can; it’s how do you do it? Stephanie is the chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, where she leverages strategic public relations, marketing and communications strategies to help small businesses and authors leave a legacy … make a difference … empower others to reach their fullest potential.

The emPower PR Group empowers their clients with the knowledge needed to make smart, focused marketing decisions that help you: