Finding the Magic

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Internally, a constant battle takes place between myself and I. One part of me feels the need to always overshare in preparation for an uncontrolled circumstance. The other part of me believes in keeping silent for fear that any label will encourage the world to hold him back. It varies on which side of me … Read more

The Ocean’s Facade

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It was everything I had been dreaming of for months, fulling living up to its exceedingly high expectations. My toes were happy – and so was my soul – the moment my skin made contact with the sand. This Southern girl loves her luscious rolling hills of Kentucky, but she will never neglect her annual … Read more

Live a “Get To” Life


I call it God. You may call it law of attraction. But either way, there is no denying how the world moves us to meet people exactly when and where we need to. I walked into a networking function last Friday, knowing very few people. Most times this outgoing gal is invigorated by an experience … Read more