Do You See God?


My 5-year-old is full of lots of questions, as I’m confident most kids his age are. Some are easy for me to answer. Others, not so much. “Momma, is it a lot far to Mimi’s house or a little far?” A little far, kiddo. Just a blink of an eye and we will be pulling … Read more

My Last Day


I’m confident that there is a reason that God placed in each of us the ability to not dwell on the fact that there will be a day that it will be our last. At least our last here. We have this uncanny skill of being able to feel invincible while seeing others all around … Read more

I love you too, Momma


I used to sit there, while admiring her long eye lashes and perfectly curved lips, wonder what sweet sound would come out of them and what energy she would bring into this world. What experiences would we share together? Yes, when she was a baby and would sit still in one spot, I would already … Read more