Just Be There


Much like the various stages of grief, loss itself is multi-dimensional. Some loss leaves scars deeper than others, but if I’m being honest, a scar is a scar and most remain with you always. Even if it’s faded, you always know it’s still there. I, like most of you, have experienced my fair share of … Read more

One Book


Much like beauty, I suppose danger is in the eye of the beholder. Something one sees as fun and invigorating, another may deem terrifying. Take sky diving or rock climbing… parasailing or bungee jumping. Some find excitement and thrill in such activities; others down-right fear even of the thought. And for my worrier of a … Read more

The Rainbow


Being a parent isn’t for the faint of heart. Even though you know your end reward of raising one of God’s treasured creations is invaluable, the phrase “the days are long” is 100 percent accurate. The days ARE long… and filled with diaper blowouts, lack of sleep, ongoing neediness, inability for alone time, and tons … Read more

The Wait


I hadn’t felt like myself for months. A nasty stomach bug threw me to the curb. It had chewed my up and spit me out, except that the chewing just seemed endless. I kept thinking I would wake up one morning and have bounced back, but after eight weeks I started to forget what normal … Read more