Making Memories


I like to travel. Well, I did, before having kids. Now-a-days, my travel consists of trips to and from school and the weekly grocery run. But there was a time when crossing large bodies of water and infusing myself in different cultures in new continents was something I got to experience in person, not just … Read more

You Get To Choose


The ice skating rink was my happy place for years. When most tweens would go to the movies or to the mall on weekend nights, I could be found on the ice. Nothing could compare with a healthy dose of gossip, soft pretzels, and Olympic-style spin attempts. My life was complete. I loved the ice. … Read more



How do you know when your family is complete? Is it the warm feeling inside when you look around the room and see everyone piled on top of one another in a friendly game of “tackle daddy”? Is it seeing yourself in each child and knowing if you added another that your heart would literally … Read more

I love you too, Momma


I used to sit there, while admiring her long eye lashes and perfectly curved lips, wonder what sweet sound would come out of them and what energy she would bring into this world. What experiences would we share together? Yes, when she was a baby and would sit still in one spot, I would already … Read more

Color Today Pretty


I had a dream. Many years ago. It must have been vivid if I can remember the majority of it still to this day. I was in a room with a group of people who were auditioning to be the next big star. I must have recently binged on reality TV shows like The Voice … Read more