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Get Me

It took me the first few years of my life to realize I was a “girl”. No, I don’t mean that I literally didn’t understand, but the girl stereotypes just didn’t fit the mold that God used when he built me…well at least not until I was 5 or so and found chap stick a … Read more

My Life. Period.

One night he started singing it. My husband quickly got my attention before he noticed we were really listening and decided to protest any further exercising of his vocal cords. But he didn’t; in fact, when I started belting out the lyrics with him he got more excited, surprised that I, too, knew a rendition … Read more

My Last Day

I’m confident that there is a reason that God placed in each of us the ability to not dwell on the fact that there will be a day that it will be our last. At least our last here. We have this uncanny skill of being able to feel invincible while seeing others all around … Read more

Cherish Today

I remember years ago a conversation I had with a friend of mine’s mother after church on a Sunday. We had just found out we were pregnant, and my friend was too, and we were all celebrating together about the exciting time that was ahead. After having experienced a loss before, my heart was guarded … Read more

Making Memories

I like to travel. Well, I did, before having kids. Now-a-days, my travel consists of trips to and from school and the weekly grocery run. But there was a time when crossing large bodies of water and infusing myself in different cultures in new continents was something I got to experience in person, not just … Read more

Color Today Pretty

I had a dream. Many years ago. It must have been vivid if I can remember the majority of it still to this day. I was in a room with a group of people who were auditioning to be the next big star. I must have recently binged on reality TV shows like The Voice … Read more