Embrace the broken.

Empower the beautiful.

Experience the breakthroughs.


Broken & Beautiful Retreats inspires Christian

women to embark on a Spirit-led walk of faith.

There was only One who was and is ever perfect.

And that One Person is not and cannot be you or me.

Far from perfect, we are all a broken people, constantly searching for mortar to fill in our gaps and messes. Our hardships and the pains of life create cracks. Many find themselves discouraged, defeated, worried, filled with concern and overwhelm. Brokenness can do that to anyone.

Something really amazing can happen, too, at the exact spot where brokenness lives. Our pieces are shattered, yes. We feel like we have to be picked up off the bathroom floor, and we may. But it’s the moment of brokenness where we are given the gift to piece all parts of us back together in a way that makes us more beautiful and even stronger than before.

Broken and Beautiful Retreats offer a respite for the weary soul.

As Christian women, we rest in the knowledge that our Savior is our mortar. He pieces together each of us, helping us transform through our hardships to be a beautiful representation of His image and His likeness. 

During the Broken and Beautiful Retreats, Christian women join together because we were made for community, we learn from one another, and our brokenness connects us.

Meet Stephanie + Shannon

Stephanie and Shannon met by happenstance, but isn’t that how God always works?

Both authors learning to perfect their craft, they found themselves at the same retreat, navigating similar journeys. What neither of them knew was that their time together would be a Divine Appointment. After a simple chat, the two uncovered their mutual love for Jesus, their passion for writing and a budding friendship that was destined for more. They always knew God wanted to work the two of them together, and both got goosebumps the moment they realized the Broken and Beautiful Retreat may be His way. 

Stephanie Feger

Stephanie Feger

Stephanie has had quite the journey to discipleship. A woman of faith her whole life, it was in middle of the night moments when God called her to a deeper conversation with Him. In the thick of pregnancy insomnia and work stress, Stephanie found her fingertips on the keyboard, typing through a conversation that God begged her to have with him. She didn’t expect her writings would be the beginning of a book, that book the beginning of a business, and that business the beginning of many relationships, including the one that invited her to meet Shannon.

Shannon Carroll

Shannon Carroll

A woman of faith, Shannon grew up in a Christian family and the church. But it took the broken experiences of miscarriages, PTSD and her husband’s bizarre, stress-induced amnesia to bring her through to a place of beauty and purpose. Shannon serves as a pastor’s wife and homeschool mama and approaches life often through her lens as a registered nurse and wellness educator. Be inspired by her love for the Lord and her raw vulnerability in sharing. Shannon knew from the first time she met Stephanie that God had something super special planned for their relationship.

Join Stephanie and Shannon for a Broken and Beautiful retreat where together they inspire, empower and help women transform into the beautiful and restored people God calls them to be. Expect to dive deep into Scripture, let your creativity spark during creative therapy sessions, and meet other women who are on the same broken to beautiful journey. You’ll have time to soak up nature and experience healing through rest. Embrace the broken parts of the beautiful person God made you to be. 

Broken and Beautiful Retreat

November 10-12, 2023 | Louisville, Kentucky

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Any woman who is looking to deepen in their faith journey, embracing their brokenness and finding beauty in it, is welcome!

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The Hopewell House is nestled in Louisville, Kentucky, not far from the city's suburbs but yet still feels like a world unto its own.

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The retreat begins Friday early evening and concludes early Sunday morning, offering enough time to enjoy Sunday worship.

Our Path to Embracing Grace

Brokenness is not a weakness, it’s a testament to our strength and a demonstration of faith. During this Broken and Beautiful Retreat, uncover how Jesus embraced the broken, and how the broken deeply sought Him. 

Friday, November 10

4:00 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Saturday, November 11

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Sunday, November 12

7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Retreat Package

The November 2023 Broken and Beautiful Retreat takes place at the Hopewell House in the Greater Louisville area. Lodging, meals and all activities are included in the retreat package. The location has capacity for 8 women to stay in double occupancy rooms. The space also accommodates additional women to attend the retreat and lodge onsite through a pull out couch and various air mattress opportunities if needed. Review the frequently asked questions below for additional insights and reach out if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every woman who attends a Broken and Beautiful Retreat becomes an active participant in a truly transformative experience. Expect to immerse yourself in a welcoming atmosphere where meals and snacks are thoughtfully provided, aligning with the schedule to cater to your needs. Engage in four God-centered sessions designed to ignite deep reflection and experiential growth, nurturing a profound connection with one another and with your faith journey. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered from materials and lodging to meals and extra surprises. 

Absolutely! In the registration form below, you can indicate your preferred roommate selection. Please share the first and last name and we will do our best to accommodate. Details on rooms will be shared closer to the retreat itself.

Unfortunately it isn’t. We want to allow as many women who would like to lodge on location to do so, which is why we can not accommodate a single occupancy request at the Hopewell House. 

We do not offer discounts for women who opt to not utilize one of our lodging solutions. The retreat is designed for women to press a pause in their hectic lives and learn together, experience together and rest together. We do not encourage women to go home each evening. Instead, embrace the opportunity to be amongst other Christian women who are seeking to find beauty in their brokenness too.

The Broken and Beautiful Retreats take place in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. Please select to fly into the Louisville’s airport (SDF). Please share your travel accommodations with our team.

Of course we can! Stephanie is a vegetarian and Shannon lives a gluten-free lifestyle. These two ladies understand dietary restrictions and are personally cooking meals so that accommodations can be made. Please do indicate in your registration form what dietary restrictions you have so we can plan accordingly.

We want you to be comfortable, so casual attire is just perfect! It’s toasty in Kentucky summers, so be sure to pack accordingly. The retreat space is nestled in rolling hills and you may enjoy a canoe trip on the lake, a hike to the nearby waterfall or a moment by the fire one evening. Be sure to pack accordingly. Here are some suggestions.

  • Comfortable casual wear for three days 
  • Church clothes if you’re heading to worship Sunday morning (Stephanie and Shannon would love for you to join either of them to their church home if you don’t have one)
  • Two pajama sets
  • A light jacket for the evening
  • Bug spray, hair ties, sunglasses and other outdoor necessities
  • Special snacks (we will have some but if you have a preference, bring them)
  • Toiletries 
  • Your Bible and journalling pens
  • A small notebook

The Broken and Beautiful Retreat begins at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, November 10, however, arrival is from 4-5 p.m. Feel free to come early, explore the property and begin to press the pause button early!

We designed the retreat to ensure Sunday morning worship was accounted for. The retreat will wrap up promptly at 8:30 a.m. for that reason.

Stephanie loves calling her God-given talent creative therapy, but rest assured she is no therapist. Stephanie deepened her relationship with God through creating wreaths that funded her book dream. Out of it came a passion for teaching others the power of creativity. Now, her workshops integrate creative elements, and she connects the final takeaway to the full experience of the retreat. Each retreat has a Creative Therapy element, but artistic ability isn’t required! Just you, an openness to hear God working in your life and a willingness to try something new is. 

Unfortunately, no. Plan on using the paddleboat and kayaks/canoes however to explore the beauty of it without taking a dip.

The Hopewell House sits on 26 acres of God’s beauty. It sits above a 2-acre lake which you can enjoy from the back porch or up close. A paddleboat and kayaks are available for attendees to enjoy during downtime and a 1/2 mile loop trail around the lake for those who prefer dry land. There is another trail to a small waterfall right outside the front door. There will be ample free time to hike, paddle, journal, relax and converse with other women too.

Due to the intimate nature of the retreat, we do not offer refunds. However, if you are unable to make it and there is a waitlist, we will see if we can fill your spot accordingly. If we are able to do so, we will provide you a refund at that time.

Stephanie and Shannon would love for you to explore their backgrounds and offerings. Visit their websites to learn more about each of these women who will be pouring into you at the retreat.

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We'd love for you to join us!

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