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“It will be fun,” they said. “It will be the best thing that ever happened to you,” they said. “You will never imagine life without them,” they said. Sometimes I find myself wanting to find “they” and give them a piece of my mind. Sure, on many accounts “they” are correct. But ask parents in … Read more

Finding the Magic

Internally, a constant battle takes place between myself and I. One part of me feels the need to always overshare in preparation for an uncontrolled circumstance. The other part of me believes in keeping silent for fear that any label will encourage the world to hold him back. It varies on which side of me … Read more

Do You See God?

My 5-year-old is full of lots of questions, as I’m confident most kids his age are. Some are easy for me to answer. Others, not so much. “Momma, is it a lot far to Mimi’s house or a little far?” A little far, kiddo. Just a blink of an eye and we will be pulling … Read more

A Garden of Love

I may have been a girl raised in the city, but my heart begs for the slow pace, fresh air, and vast land only the country can bring. I like to be able to see the stars at night and feel like you can literally call your neighbor up if you don’t have enough milk … Read more

The Couple

When I was a kid, I was among the healthy bunch. Yes, I’d get a few colds here or there, and I did enjoy my fair share of pink bubblegum antibiotics, but all-in-all, I kept a clean bill of health. While that should be something worth celebrating, call me crazy, but I did always have … Read more

Monday, Monday

Let’s face it. No one is a fan of Mondays, and anyone who says they are should not be trusted! No matter how much you love your day job or how excited you are for whatever may be looming during the week, no one in their right mind wakes up on Monday wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. … Read more

Love Her Heart

There’s a saying here in the South, and like many, it definitely has hidden meaning. For those who aren’t from here, some of our expressions may leave you puzzled. Like if we get really mad, we may just inform you that we’ll knock you into the middle of next week looking both ways for Sunday! … Read more


How do you know when your family is complete? Is it the warm feeling inside when you look around the room and see everyone piled on top of one another in a friendly game of “tackle daddy”? Is it seeing yourself in each child and knowing if you added another that your heart would literally … Read more

I love you too, Momma

I used to sit there, while admiring her long eye lashes and perfectly curved lips, wonder what sweet sound would come out of them and what energy she would bring into this world. What experiences would we share together? Yes, when she was a baby and would sit still in one spot, I would already … Read more